1st Year University Student ~ Lesson Learned #2

My son has a very good friend who enrolled in UC-Santa Cruz two years ago.  He’s incredibly smart, and in an incredibly hard science major.

During the spring semester that just ended, he took two courses very high on the intensity level.  The boy made a D in both classes, which made his GPA plunge to under 3.0.  Bottom line?  The school won’t let him enroll in the fall semester.  He received scholarship money and federal aid for the spring semester.  He has to pay all that money back.

Lesson learned?  Listen to your counselor.  Don’t load up any more intensive courses per semester than the counselor advises.

I’ve know this kid since he and my son were in 3rd grade.  So, I have no problem speaking to him like I am his mother.

My mother advice?

#1:  Back off the parties (UC-Santa Cruz is notorious for parties.  Big time.  Clothing optional.)

#2:  Do not live with your girlfriend any longer.  Get an apartment with all guys.

I’ll get back to history food blogging one of these days.  Right now, I’m consumed with moving my son, then moving myself.  Hang in there with me!


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