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Los Angeles Tea Party

I attended the tea party held in front of Dianne Feinstein’s office in Los Angeles. Most of us estimated the crowd size at around 200. Not bad, considering this is in the heart of Henry Waxman’s district.

The tea party started at 5:30, smack in the middle of rush hour. (A drive to the location from my apartment normally takes about 5 minutes … this drive took 45 minutes, even though I tried my super secret back street routes.) Santa Monica Boulevard was packed with cars. I’d say a good 50% of the people that drove by were honking their horns, giving us the thumbs up. That really surprised me and gave me hope that finally we might have a shot at unseating Waxman.

I’m not the greatest photographer in the world, but did get a few good shots from my cell phone.

First, the crowd. There was another crowd across the street. Mostly college students.

Three students from Pepperdine University (I was able to introduce them to Ari David, who is running against Waxman in November.) They will hopefully work the campus for Ari.

My favorite:

Like I said, Ari David is running against Waxman. I met him several weeks ago at a street fair in Westwood. He impressed me, and I remain impressed. Please consider throwing some money his way. Ari David For Congress. Please at least visit his website. I also highly recommend you check him out on Facebook, which you can access from his website.

In all fairness, there is another man running to unseat Waxman. I met him at the tea party, too. He seems like a decent and intelligent man. For me, he was just a little too … hip, slick and cool. I’m tired of hip, slick and cool. His name is Robert Flutie.


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