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Ft. Jackson, South Carolina

No history/food blogging for a few days. I’m getting ready to fly to Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. Read some Ft. Jackson history!

My nephew is graduating from Basic Trainning! I'm meeting family members from other parts of the country for the occasion. Thursday is Family Day and Friday is Graduation Day. Should be fun! We're staying in the Historic District of Columbia, which should also be fun.

I'm very proud of my nephew, not only for his decision to serve our country, but for facing challenges in his young life so magnificently. His parents were divorced when Zach and his twin sister, Katie, were babies. My sister (their mom) raised them by herself. My sister was sick most of the kids' lives, and they had to take on responsibilities at a very young age. Then, right before their 15th birthday, my sister passed away.

So Zach and Katie have had a lot thrown at them, but I'm pleased and proud to say they are both doing great.

See you in a few days!


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