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Ides of March ~ Ancient Recipes ~ Modern Roman Chicken

Under the Roman Calendar, the ides were the 15th day of the months March, May, July, and October.  In ancient times, the Ides of March was a day of festivals honoring Mars, the Roman god of war.

The Ides of March is now widely known as the day Julius Caesar was murdered in the Roman Senate. The Greek philosopher Plutarch wrote that Caesar was warned by a “seer” to be aware of that day. Read some of  Plutarch’s essays here. William Shakespeare is probably responsible for making this day a part of the lexicon via his classic Julius Caesar play.

A very old collection of Roman recipes was recorded by Apicus, one of the earliest chefs who recorded recipes. You can have a go at old Roman recipes here.

For me … I’m making Roman-Style Chicken from Giada deLaurentis.



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