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Philippe The Original Restaurant ~ History of French Dipped Sandwich

Actually, it was an accident.  It happened at Philippe The Original, one of the oldest restaurants in Southern California that exists to this day.  Before we get to the food, here’s a little history of the restaurant:

Philippe Mathieu opened the restaurant in 1908.  In 1918, Mathieu was making a sandwich for a police officer and accidentally dropped the french roll into the hot juices of the roasting pan.  The officer took the sandwich anyway, and returned the next day for another one.  With friends!  Thus, the French Dipped Sandwich was born.

Mathieu sold the restaurant in 1927 for around $5,000 to Harry, Dave and Frank Martin.  The Martins were forced to move the restaurant in 1951 to make way for the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles.  The new building was originally a machine shop with a hotel on the second floor.  Since turning the building into a restaurant, nothing much has changed. Except for the prices, of course!

Food Network has a recipe for the sandwich that is billed as being from the restaurant itself.  It’s very good; however, I don’t dunk the bread in the dipping sauce.  I like to toast the bread and serve the dipping sauce and hot mustard on the side.




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